Episode #254: Manifesting your Dreams with Rebecca Lane

Aug 16, 2023

Can manifestation really help you build a life that you love? My guest for this episode of The Business of Thinking Big is Rebecca Lane, a violinist who has blended her love of music with her entrepreneurial spirit to create something incredible… and she credits manifestation with helping her reach her biggest goals!

Rebecca is the founder of the Lane School of Music. As a musician, she entered the business world with a scarcity mindset, which she needed to shed in order to dream bigger. While she launched the school out of a spare room in her house, the school now offers lessons to over 700 students through its multiple locations! Rebecca now coaches other music school owners to shift from a ‘starving artist’ mindset to one of abundance.

During our conversation, Rebecca and I explore the concept of manifestation: what it is (and isn’t!), how it actually works, and how it can work for YOU. The truth is that we are all always manifesting, whether we know it or not. The key? Manifesting with intention to create a joyful life and business!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • How to identify the goals and desires that will actually fulfil your needs
  • Why it’s okay to change your mind halfway down the path to your goals
  • Real-life examples of how Rebecca infuses manifestation into her business (and why they work!)

Guest bio: Once a freelancing violinist, Rebecca has transformed her career to entrepreneur, coach, and 7-figure business owner. Starting with a violin studio of a handful of students in her home, Rebecca now owns a music school with over 50 team members and 4 locations. It all started with a dream and the belief that anything is possible. She is the host of The Powerhouse Musician Podcast.



00:34 Meet Rebecca Lane

02:39 Mentoring

05:17 Trust in self

06:50 What is manifesting?

08:55 Finding clarity

11:41 Changing your mind & letting go

15:16 “Why is THIS the thing?”

18:16 Festival story & building a name

24:48 Unwavering faith

27:38 Launch example

33:17 Journalling example

35:36 Visualization

39:18 Manifesting conversations & the power of words

44:45 $1 million milestone

53:45 Final takeaways


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Instagram: @rebeccalanecoach , @laneschoolofmusic

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