Episode #25: Protecting your Big Business Ideas

Jun 20, 2019

In the episode, I chat with my good friend Cynthia Mason whose specialty is helping small businesses protect their big ideas. Cynthia has worked with some major brands you would definitely know, but she is super passionate about helping female entrepreneurs. 

Cynthia breaks down why it's crucial to trademark our ideas, when and how to get started. She also shares her thoughts on whether or not we should DIY this (as do I and I bet you already know which side of the fence I land on).  Did you know that not only your name can be trademarked?  Cynthia covers all the different parts of your business that you should be protecting ASAP.

She talks about common misconceptions about the trademark process, and what the real truths are. We also talk about timelines, how long it takes to fully register your mark in Canada and things you need to know before getting started.

Basically, if you've ever had a burning question about the trademark process, she answers it!

I also share my own journey with trademarking several names associated with my businesses and why I decided to make the leap. What you'll likely discover in this episode is that protecting our ideas is as much a mindset game as anything else. This is another way we could and should be "thinking big" when it comes to our business.


Links mentioned in this episode:

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