Episode #24: How to Take a Stress-Free Vacation

Jun 13, 2019

In this episode, I give you permission to step away from your business this summer and trust that it will still be standing, nay thriving when you get back. I truly believe in the importance of rest and relaxation, and how it’s all part of a joyful human experience. 


Studies have shown that people that take quality breaks are more productive. I believe this is true not only on a micro level (within our work day) but also on a macro level (throughout our year). 


When we take time away from our business, we come back refreshed and more productive. In fact, I bet you get your best business ideas when you're not working in your business. I sure do! My best ideas hit me when I am out for a nature walk, a family adventure, or even swimming laps, seriously! 


I also share my top 5 tips for having a stress-free vacation, a few systems you can implement so that you can truly shut off (if that is what you want, and I hope it is) and enjoy your time away.  The benefits of taking some time away are many, but you’ll come back refreshed and excited (and often with some new ideas to boot)! 


I also share some tips that will help with your re-entry. I encourage you to set aside one "Buffer Day" when you return so that you can get organized before having any client-facing work. 


And spoiler alert, I get a little emotional at the end of this episode. You'll have to listen to see what get's me all teared up. 


Links mentioned in this episode:
The 5 Choices – The path to extraordinary productivity

Kory Kogon/Lenna Rinne/Adam Merrill 

Steven Covey 4 Quadrants

Book: Do Less

Kate Northrup

Lianne Kim

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