Episode #209: Think Like a Marketer

Nov 24, 2022

Throughout my years of experience coaching small business owners, I’ve had the following question come up countless times: where do I find more leads?? When you know who you want to serve (and how you’re going to serve them), it can be frustrating to realize that you’re not sure where to FIND them.

But here’s the truth: they’re wondering the exact same thing about you!

This episode is dedicated to helping you strategically and effectively increase your visibility so that your business will be seen by more people — especially your ideal clients! Listen now to learn why you’re likely already a FAR better marketer than you think, the top marketing strategies that will help you hit your growth goals with more ease, and the powerful mindset shift that will dramatically boost your chances of success!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to figure out which content strategies resonate with your target audience, so that you can focus on creating content that truly connects
  • 3 super-effective ways to tap into your inner marketing genius and attract more leads online
  • The major difference between sales and marketing — and why you need to build BOTH skills



00:30 Intro

01:29 Embrace a more accurate identity

04:27 My business identity & funnel story

06:13 Do MORE of the right things

07:31 Sales v. Marketing

08:34 Questions to ask yourself

09:41 Be consistent & imperfect

10:55 Creating content that connects

12:21 Marketing mindset shift

16:30 Think like your customers

20:55 Sales cycle & customer journey

21:38 Plan ahead

24:43 Keep going until the goal is met

27:20 Shout-outs, big wins & research

33:17 Recap


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