Hey you! I see you there.

You’ve got a business, you’re hustling, you’re getting some clients, and things are going OK. But you know it can be better.  

The hard part: getting a steady flow of amazing clients!

Does any of this sound like you...

  • You wake up every day feeling stressed about where your next client is coming from 
  • You have some amazing clients, but some that just aren’t cutting it
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the different marketing and social media platforms out there and you’re not sure where to invest your time and energy 
  • You’re not sure how to possibly stand out in all the noise
  • You struggle to put yourself out there again and again, especially when it feels like no one is responding
  • You struggle with how to sell yourself without seeming too pushy or “salesy”
  • You just need more clients. Period!  

My friend, I am here to tell ya this is oh-so common!

Too many business owners start a business so they can do what they love, but they end up feeling frustrated and stressed out, which leads to them no longer loving what they do!

Yes, even ME!

When I first started out, I WAY underpriced myself, because I was desperate to get clients. I knew I had to be working to feel productive, but pretty soon I was working around the clock just to stay afloat. I had some incredible clients, but quite a few who didn’t truly value what I did. They would be late to sessions, and even miss them altogether.

Because I was always worried about where the next client was coming from, I said yes to opportunities that were not a fit for me. I said yes to working with people who were difficult or just not a fit, because I didn’t believe in myself enough that I could do better. I was running all over town from networking events to speaking engagements, in the hopes that I would meet potential client, but my approach felt frantic, scattered and at times desperate! 

Since then I have grown a multiple 6 figure business and created a few streamlined systems for attracting new and amazing clients. 

I work way less hours, and only work with the very best individuals who truly value me and my skillset. I have way more time and energy to do the things I love.

In short, my marketing and sales process feels effortless. 

I bet that is sounding pretty incredible right now!  

What if there was a course designed specifically to help you understand and reach more clients – Dream Clients – with less overwhelm and struggle?

A course designed to give you proven systems and strategies so you could create a steady flow of clients into your business all the time?  

Announcing the Dream Client Formula

A 6-Week course that will take you from a struggling small business to a client-attracting rock star!

The Dream Client Formula is designed to:

  • Help you understand your “secret sauce” – the thing that you do better than anyone else
  • Understand and attract Dream Clients that value everything you bring to the table and are happy to pay what you are worth
  • Create your Core Client Funnel – your system for attracting leads, inviting them closer and turning them into booked paying clients
  • Help you focus on a few core marketing platforms/ strategies so you know where you should be spending your time, energy and money 
  • Give you a myriad of tips and tricks to improve how you speak to potential clients, so the can’t wait to work with you
  • Create systems for keeping more of the amazing clients you have so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time
  • Give you a support system, a team of people who are in the same boat, who are here to help you succeed!

My name is Lianne Kim, and I have 20 years of sales and marketing and experience.Through my public speaking, workshops and 1-on-1 coaching I have helped hundreds of women get clear on who they serve and create a steady flow of clients in their business.

Too many business owners struggle with bringing the right clients into their business. They lack the clarity and confidence required to put themselves out there, own their worth, and hold firm to their offer. 

This course was designed with YOU in mind. The recorded modules, course materials, and live classes are all designed with care to help support you through this journey. Each module has been carefully thought out and crafted to walk you through a step-by-step process.

What People Are Saying About Lianne Kim...

"During my first strategy session with Lianne, she quickly focused in to thoroughly understand my business while quickly identifying where I was losing time and clients. 

Lianne led me through a simple process to breakdown my current client base and identify my dream client. Little did I know that my Dream Client was already on my list. With her motivation, I realized that it is okay to eliminate certain client types from my audience, and how to focus on the clients that matter most to my business."

-Michaela B., Interior Designer- 

Lianne helped me take my business from a side hustle to a full-time gig— something I wasn’t able to do on my own. She helped me tap into my ideal client and provided insight on how I can connect with them in order to best serve them. We restructured my offerings, established new pricing and created a roadmap to reach monthly targets. 

Within months I was getting the results we planned in our initial strategy session. I have learned and grown tremendously in the last 6 month as a solo entrepreneur because of her coaching and genuine desire to help me succeed."

-Jennifer S., Media Coach- 

"Thanks to Lianne's expertise and support, I'm laser focused on the specific steps I needed to take to grow my business, and attract more clients I love working with. 

She's helped energize and inspire me to raise my goals and create an amazing vision for the future - if you're committed and ready to take things to the next level with your business, you can't go wrong working with Lianne."

-Emma L., Philantrophist- 

The Dream Client Formula is right for you if…

  • You’re prepared to stop aimlessly hustling and focus your energy on creating systems for attracting the right clients
  • You’re prepared to put some systems into place to create that steady flow of clients you have been dreaming of
  • You’re ready to stop accepting crappy, sub-par clients and hold yourself to a higher standard
  • You’re looking for someone to hold you accountable and help you grow your business

Course Overview

LESSON 1: Your Dream Client Defined

Get clear on who you want to serve and their unique challenges and desires, so you can reach and sell to them with ease.

LESSON 2: Own your Offer

Outline your own personal strengths and skills, and create a Signature Offer that your Dream Clients are longing for and ready to buy.  

LESSON 3: Cultivate Your Audience

Create a system for Nurturing your potential clients with irresistible, original content, to bring them closer to you and keep them wanting more! 

LESSON 4:The Dream Client Formula

Learn my patented step-by-step formula for turning your wider audience into warm leads into paying clients, and customize this formula for your own business.

LESSON 5: Conversations that Convert

Learn the essential ingredients of a successful discovery call and create your own Sales Conversation Blueprint, so you can maximize each opportunity and close more sales!

LESSON 6: Raving Fans that Repeat and Refer

Learn how to turn your existing clients into passionate, raving fans of your brand, so you can leverage that energy to gain repeat and referral business.


With your purchase of The Dream Client Formula, you get…

  • Access to all 6 Lesson Videos at once, so you can work through the videos in your own time (however, we recommend one lesson per week) 
  • Access to the comprehensive Course Workbook, which you download, print off and use throughout the course as you need
  • Access to all 6 LIVE weekly classes (Every Thursday at 2pm EST)
  • Life-time Access to the Private Facebook Group for The Dream Client Formula students only, so you can stay accountable and get support along the way
  • Email access to Lianne Kim during the course of the program, so you can ask questions and overcome and obstacles


Email [email protected] 


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