Episode #14: Creating a Brand that Stands Out in the Crowd with Laura Beauparlant

Apr 04, 2019

In a noisy online world, small business owners are always looking for ways to stand outIn order to get attention, we need to be that that smiling face in the crowd! Tune in to hear a lively discussion between myself and Laura Beauparlant filled with tips on how to brand your business and grow your following on social media.   

Laura Beauparlant of Lab Creative talks about her strategies for branding small business.  She explains how every journey is different and filled with so many things, that it’s never static.  Through her own journey, Laura has found her voice, and she has honed how to attract the right client.  Her mission? To make branding and design accessible to every business owner; to be value packed and affordable. Laura gets the most joy helping the small business owner who is passionate about what they do and why they started their business.   

Entrepreneurs must get back in touch with the why and how to reach those clients that they are meant to serve.  Laura describes her “Common Thread Approach,” which is further explained in her book “Brand Chemistry.”  Once you figure out what the “common thread” is between all your dream clients, you build it into your brand, then focus on reaching them.   

Biggest mistakes that people are making in branding: 

  • Consistency; Or a lack of! Laura invites everyone to pull up their social media, website and marketing materials.  Make sure that the formatting matches, meaning that everything is consistent in style, colour and fonts.   
  • Current photos; Pictures you post of yourself on social media should be current, so if you were to bump into someone who follows you they would recognize you immediately. 

Key Ingredients for a killer brand: 

  • Consistency; It’s how you answer the phone, the quality of the products and services you offer, and how you represent yourself on social media.   
  • Authenticity; In a world where there is less and less human interaction; you need a brand that is realvisible and authentic.  It has to be something that you are proud of and confident in.   
  • Clarity; Who do you want to serve and why? 
  • Handles; Do your social media accounts and domain name match in name and style?  

Links mentioned in this episode: 

Laura BeauparlantLab Creative 

Brand Chemistry:  How to Attract the Right Clients and Keep Them (Book)
Instagram: labcreativeinc 
Facebook: labcreativeinc  

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