Episode #13: The Importance of Brand Photography with Nathalie Amlani

Mar 28, 2019

In this episode, I speak with Nathalie Amlani of Pictonat Photography about the importance of social media in small business.  Online presence is an absolute must in today’s day and age, and entrepreneurs need more images of themselves as well as their products and services. Your followers care about your product, but they are equally interested in who you are, what you do, and why you do it!   

Having candid shots of yourself will enhance your online presence, your brand, and build trust with your followers.  It’s Nathalie’s mission to assist small business owners in building authentic images of themselves and their brand and to help build a connection with their audience. Ideally, small business owners need an ongoing source of images that continue to grow along with them. 

When it comes to brand photography Nathalie warns business owners to beware of mistakes that she often sees in social media. The biggest mistake she sees (the most often) is a lack of photos of the face of the business (ie: the business owner), Nathalie explains that followers are interested in the person behind a company and that being able to put a face to a business or brand provides insight and a personal touch.  It is worth the expense to find a professional photographer who does branding-specific photography once or twice a year in order to have multiple shots done to be used in the upcoming months.  It is also important to consider having a photoshoot done in order to tell the story of you and the direction you want to take your business. 

Although brand photography is an added business expense, it is worth it to have candid shots that are done correctly from the start so you aren’t wasting time and energy trying to find something to post.  Once the shoot is done you simply pre-schedule the shots over the coming months, so you can focus on other things.

Choose your photographer carefully; photos often aren’t natural for most people, so having someone you have a strong sense of trust with is going to make you feel more comfortable. 

A photographer that has a specific social media branding package or session will give you the most value. They will capture exactly what you want to see and will work with you on your story session.  They will ensure that your time is used carefully, and will get your photos back to you quickly.  

If you feel you need better pictures, you should just go for it.  It will attract people to follow you and will help to tell your story and elevate your brand.  This is an investment in your business, not just another expense.  People want to see you in action!

Links mentioned in this episode:
Nathalie Amlani, Photographer
Email: [email protected]

Website: www.pictonat.com
Instagram: @pictonatphoto


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