Episode #116: Building Your Network with Intention

Feb 11, 2021

Emily Edwards came across Mamas & Co. after having been rejected by those in her local community for vocalizing her anti-racist beliefs. As it turns out, networking with people not only local to her, but all over Canada and even North America, was the best thing she could have done!

In this week’s episode, Emily and I discuss how finding a network of supportive and like-minded people is critical to our success. When Emily spoke out about her beliefs in her local community, clients and collaborators dropped out from working with her. Once she found her people, she took gigantic strides in making the revolutionary changes she wants to see in the field of reproductive healthcare.

We talk about how the concept of networking has changed radically – not only post-pandemic but the differences between icky-feeling “sales-ey” conversations and real, genuine connections with people we can trust and support.

This conversation is a beautiful way to think about how we need to intentionally select the people we spend our energy on and time with. Emily’s wholehearted commitment to what she believes in, and her insightful advice, make this one of my favourite episodes I’ve ever recorded!

Just like Emily said: the power of having a community that believes in change really is incredible.

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