Episode #11: Creating an Audience of Raving Fans with Brittany Young

Mar 14, 2019

Who is your target audience, and what do they want?  Do you know how to get them to buy from you?  In this episode I talk with Brittany Young, creator of Certified Celebrator who sold 400 tickets in only 8 minutes (and crashed her own website and the ticket website while doing it)!  Tune in to hear how she did it. 

Brittany Young is a mom and a Certified Celebrator.  Her business, Certified Celebrations, teaches busy Mom’s how to be “intentional” about celebrating and building family memories, all on a realistic budget.  Her mandate is simple, to be intentional about celebrating and creating a joyful home for families. 

Starting out Brittany quickly realized that building authentic relationships required targeted content. Once she targeted the working mom of elementary school kids, she was surprised to note that a new audience emerged, the Grandma’s!  She learned that by building an audience of raving fans she had to let go of the people she didn’t want to serve and focus in on her target audience.  Her advice for someone just starting on social media?  Pick one platform, develop relationships there and master it before adding a new one. 

Brittany also talks about how her mindset changed.  She speaks about how she needed to bring and share what she had so her followers would become clients later on.  Be visible and don’t be intimidated, be your authentic self and your target audience will only want more of you.  Find your excitement, when you love and are passionate about what you do; you can get excited easily, so dig deep, share and enjoy.

Our discussion ends on being authentic and real – how much is too much?  If there’s something your audience likes, then use that to keep them inspired and interested. Just be you, and let your personality shine through.  The more you, you can be, the easier it will be for the right people will find their way to you.

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Brittany Young

Facebook:  Brittany Young

Instagram:  CertifiedCelebrator
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Twitter: BrittanyYoungCC

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