Episode #6: The Hero's Journey with Salome Schillack

Feb 07, 2019

Are your marketing strategies and ads helping or hindering your business? Do you ever feel like you just aren’t getting enough clients or enough of the right clients?  


Today’s conversation is with Salome (suh-LO-mee) of Shine and Succeed. Salome helps coaches and online course creators master the art of lead generation through Facebook and Instagram ads.  Salome also assists Rick Mulready and Amy Porterfield by answering questions and coaching their clients. 


Are you looking to give your online marketing strategy the pick me up it needs? 


Tune in to listen to Salome and I discuss and apply the principle of The Hero’s Journey to online marketing strategy.  After this episode, you will have a clear sense of how you can show your dream clients what you can do to serve them in their business!


Links from this episode:
Salome Schillack
Facebook: shineandsucceed
Instagram: SalomeSchillack

Rick Mulready
“Iron Man of Facebook Ads”

Amy Porterfield
Marketing Expert, Author

The Hero’s Journey:  Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work
Joseph Campbell, Author

Building a Story Brand: Clarify your Message so Customer’s Will ListenAuthor: Donald Miller


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