Episode #10: The 4 Essential Ingredients Your Content Must Have

Mar 07, 2019

Our content is the vehicle that we are using to reach and engage our people all the time.

In this episode I talk about how to connect, educate, engage, and inspire action in your business.  Last week we broke down 3 ways you can share content with your audience, if you haven’t heard it then please take a listen here.  

So, whether it’s blogging, podcasts or videos, it has to be the kind of thing that will allow people to get to know you, enjoy you, and then to connect with you! 

Connect – If you are doing it right you are putting out something consistently (weekly, biweekly or monthly).  Your audience should be used to hearing from you so you can help and serve them.  When you are creating your content keep in mind that old adage, facts tell and stories sell!

Educate – What do you want to be known for?   What can you give your audience weekly to build their trust and support?

Engage – We have to continue them on their journey by engaging them.

Inspire Action – When someone signs up it tells us they are taking a leap of faith, they are ready to learn more from us. It’s a stepping stone from “I don’t know you,” to “I kind of know you,” to “I’m engaged and I’m ready to buy.” This is all part of a bigger journey.  

My call to action for today – Please go ahead and send me an email or reply to this podcast and let me know what is resonating with you, or what you thought about this, or if there was a piece you wanted to know more about.




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