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Praise for Building a Joyful Business

"Tips and Tricks that will save you time and money..."

If you've ever dreamed of starting your own business that allows you to showcase your talents, then this book will be perfect for you.  Lianne has packed each page with tips and tricks that will save you time and money as you begin your entrepreneurial journey.  

Amy McLaren

Author & Entreprenuer

"Whatever you're working on... Lianne's words guide you to find a solution"

 Building a Joyful Business  is a must read for anyone looking for more meaning, purpose, and joy as an entrepreneur. Whatever you're working on, dreaming of, or even avoiding, Lianne's words guide you to find a solution. This book delivers a knockout punch to whatever is holding you back!

Tasha Cochran

Wealth Expert & Influencer

"Every entrepreneur needs to read this book..."

Lianne Kim has created a complete roadmap for building a joyful business!  I truly believe that every entrepreneur needs to read this book.  In it, Lianne reveals the formula for not just building a business that is highly profitable, but one that is going to make you happy and fulfilled for years to come.  

Ron Reich 

Business Strategist & Coach