Episode #99: 5 Things Successful Female Entrepreneurs Do

Oct 15, 2020

When you’ve got a business and you’re in it for the long haul (well… aren’t we all in it for the long haul?), there are some key things that I believe are essential to building a successful business. And when I say, successful business, I mean a business at any stage; from start-up to 7-figures. These ‘things’ or actions are fundamentals.


And for real world examples, I looked to my business mentors, my VIP clients, and A-Players who are all growing their own 6-figure (and more) businesses.


I found that these women do these 5 things on a consistent basis. They:

• look at their numbers
• invest in growth
• dedicate time to big picture thinking
• make a plan
• surround themselves with the right people


I go through these in more detail to give you ideas on how you can implement them to make these habits that help you along your own business journey.


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