Episode #92: Celebrating our Imperfection with Kirsten Jordan

Aug 27, 2020

Do you struggle with moving forward in your business because you're clinging to some nasty old perfectionist tendencies? Meet Kirsten Jordan, a social media strategist who helps women let go of the need to look "perfect" and gain the ability to show up genuinely online, so they can make true connections with their audience.


Kirsten shares why this is such a huge problem with female entrepreneurs, in particular, and how this is having detrimental effects on their business success. Here are some of our fav nuggets from this episode:

"Popularity is not profitability."

"You can be real and imperfect, and it can still be beautiful."

"You know you've 'made it' when the trolls start to come out."

"Old school rules for new school tools."


Kirsten also shares her top strategies for overcoming the things holding us back, and truly celebrating our uniquely beautiful imperfections, including some clear next steps to get you started!


Links mentioned in this podcast:

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Mamas & Co. Mamapreneur Fund 




Kirsten on IG @kirstenjordandigital

Kirsten's podcast: The Perfectly Imperfect Social Podcast

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