Episode #89: How to get More Done

Aug 06, 2020

Are you living in what I call "Time Scarcity"? Does it feel impossible to get everything on your to-do list done? If so, look no further than this episode right here.


I break down my 7 Pillars of Productivity and no surprise here, I start with Mindset. What are your thoughts about time? Is Time your enemy? If so, we have work to do!


From there, we move on to getting clear on our own goals or "Desired End Results" as I call them. This step is pivotal to our success. At the same time, we have to understand what things on our to-do list are not helping us achieve our goals. I also talk about the relationship between the results we want to achieve and the resources we have to achieve them.


I also cover "Batching" and "Time Blocking" - two very important concepts that will help you become more efficient. If you want to get more done in less time so that you have more time for the things that really matter... then listen - this episode is GOLD!


This is also a preview of my new Mini Course: How to be Productive for Mamapreneurs. If you're struggling to create more time and get more done, you definitely want to check out this course.


P.S. I include a special discount for you, my loyal podcast listener. Save $10 on this mini-course with the promo code: PODCAST.


Links mentioned in this podcast:

How to be Productive for Mamapreneurs 

Promo code for a $10 discount: PODCAST



Lianne Kim · How to get More Done


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