Episode #82: Recovering from Crisis with Clara Power

Jun 18, 2020

Meet Clara Power, Independent Travel Agent and owner of Power Travel. Clara's business was hit hard with COVID-19, but this is not a story of woe. Clara shares the steps she has taken to protect her existing clients and save the business she has built over the last 7 years.


She talks about her "rock bottom" moment, when the government banned all non-essential travel. At that moment, she knew people wouldn't be investing in travel for some time, and that this could have a devastating impact on her business.


Clara shares what she is doing to serve and support her existing clients, but also the rituals and strategies that have helped her stay positive and keep moving forward, despite these hard times.


Lastly, Clara shares how she is rebuilding her business differently than what she had built before. She shares areas of her business that were no longer working for her, and how she now sees COVID as an opportunity to reflect and rebuild a smarter, stronger business that truly lights her up.

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