Episode #8: Strengthening Your Couple

Feb 21, 2019

In this episode of The Business of Thinking Big, I interview Allison Villa, the co-founder of House and Hook, a website dedicated to keeping couples’ thriving throughout parenthood.  We discuss why having a solid, well-functioning relationship is so important to entrepreneurs who are raising their families while simultaneously growing their businesses. 

We have a very candid and real conversation about our expectations of ourselves as parents and business owners, our perceptions of how we believe our lives should be versus our everyday reality.  Allison reveals her story that started 18 months ago in Toronto, which has led her to now having a strong connection with her husband and children in sunny Mexico on a yearlong “family sabbatical.”   

Allison points out that it’s not the family sabbatical itself that has brought their family closer together, but the path she and her husband took as a couple in order for it to happen.  She outlines the steps they took and gives strategies that worked for them, which ultimately strengthened their relationship, to get themselves to their ultimate goal.    

Links mentioned in this Podcast:  

Allison Villa, House and Hook 

Facebook:  House and Hook 
Instagram: Houseandhook 


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