Episode 78: Building a Coaching Business from Scratch with Liat Horovitz

May 21, 2020

If you've ever felt like a complete beginner in your business and you're not sure how to get started, then this episode is for you.


I sat down with my amazing client, Liat Horovitz, an incredible life coach helping moms live their best lives. But for years, she struggled with a lack of purpose and personal fulfillment.  She knew in her heart she would make a great coach, but still hesitated to make the leap.


The thought of becoming a coach brought about some major doubts and feelings of "imposter syndrome". Liat shares how working with a business coach helped her move out of fear and into taking practical action to build her new business.


From mapping out her initial coaching package to connecting with potential clients through webinars, Liat shares how she built up her clientele step by step. She really has built a thriving coaching business in just 6 months and there is so much to be learned from her journey.


If you're looking to grow in the ways that Liat did and have the support of a business coach and peer Mastermind, be sure to check out A-Players Rapid Impact which starts on June 4th, 2020.


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