Episode #57: How to Develop Your Money Mindset

Jan 30, 2020

In this episode, I talk with interior designer, Melissa Peretti.  Melissa takes a deep dive into her journey in developing her money mindset.  She talks about the dark place she was in when we first started working together a year ago. For her, she was in a scarcity zone. There was never enough of two things: Time and Money. 

Melissa shares some of the strategies that she applied that has helped her grow a more positive money mindset such as gratitude practice and visualization. She learned the importance of recognizing the fear around money and learned how to control it instead.

One of the things that really helped Melissa earn more money was getting clear on WHY she wanted to earn more. She recognized that she had a lot of guilt around wealth. She said that to her it felt like wanting more money was a "first world problem" and how she really had to reframe what earning more meant to her. 

Melissa talks about "doing the work" and how she forced herself to work on the stuff that would make the difference even though it was uncomfortable. We speak about the importance of setting clear financial goals and creating the motivation to achieve those goals.  

We talk about how a poor money mindset often stems from a recurring thought of "there is not enough" or "I am not enough". 

She shares how working on a money mindset has allowed her to make smart investments in her business. Profit & Prosper taught her how to measure the return on those investments, so she can grow and scale with confidence. 

Melissa shares possibly her biggest tip... Start small. One step at a time. How taking small, simple steps is what has allowed her to expand and improve her money mindset so that now there is always enough. 

If you're ready to gain the clarity and confidence you need on the money side of your business, then I invite you to join us in Profit & Prosper doors are closing soon!


Links mentioned in this episode: 

Author: Eckhart Tolle

Lianne Kim
Business Coach & Strategist
Course: Profit & Prosper 

Melissa Peretti
Interior Designer



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