Episode #31: Failing Forward

Aug 01, 2019

In this episode, I sit down with one of my fav business buddies to chat about one of our favourite topics: Failure. It's such a big part of the entrepreneurial journey, and something both of us do regularly.


So why isn't anyone talking about it?


Jen talks about her biggest failure (and it was a doozy), and how she grew from the experience.  She says "Our biggest failures give us the lessons we need to learn." 


We also have to keep in mind that maybe the thing we are trying isn't quite right, but it's not necessarily a failure. Perhaps we need to take a step back, reflect and adjust to get it right.


When we think of failure, many of us worry about being judged by others. Who are we accountable to if we failed?  Family? Clients?  Will this failure be the end of the business, or would it just be a blip?  Resilience is vital, and we can't achieve great things without it. 


If an idea or product is in line with your company values and is something you believe in, then it's worth it to take a chance.  Remember the old saying "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" though, and be mindful of risks.  Make sure the business is set up in case things don't go as planned. 


The road to an end goal for an entrepreneur is never a straight route, but it's the twists and turns that make it the most enjoyable!  Failure is not the problem, it's a piece of the journey. 


Jennifer Myers Chua and her husband Joey are a husband and wife team who own Hip Mommies, a Toronto-based distributor of modern, thoughtfully designed baby, toddler, and pet products.  They pride themselves on partnering with businesses that share the same socially responsible and environmentally friendly beliefs, as well as quality products that are purposeful, safe, and well-designed. 

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