Episode #293: First Launch Success with Carla Catherwood

May 02, 2024

You have a roster of dream clients and a calendar that’s booked solid… but you’re nowhere near the revenue goal that you’ve been dreaming about. So, what now?

The truth is that a 1:1 business model can only take you so far (no matter how amazing the service you provide may be). In order to take their businesses to the next level, coaches and consultants MUST learn how to scale beyond 1:1 services while maintaining the quality of their offer — and a great way to do that is through a killer 1:many offer.

Executive & Mindset Coach Carla Catherwood is a mover, shaker, and facilitator who helps her clients discover their unique business blueprint. In this episode of The Business of Thinking Big, she shares how she scaled her business through her first powerful group program! Listen in as we explore how she navigated her transition to 1:many and how her highly successful career in dance helped her master the steps to entrepreneurship. If you want to break through your revenue ceiling, then it’s time to switch things up. Let’s get started!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • How Carla got clear on her goals and best next steps when creating her group program
  • The reasons behind the price point Carla chose (and why group pricing should stand apart from 1:1 pricing)
  • Why smart coaches join a group program before creating their own


Guest bio: With three decades as a movement teacher, creator and facilitator, and 20 years building businesses as an entrepreneur, Carla Catherwood has woven a unique path one step at a time. Now she helps her clients organize and scale their businesses to their own personal vision, all while ensuring they have the wherewithal to avoid burnout and create a sustainable path to growth and evolution.



00:34 Intro

01:34 Meet Carla Catherwood

03:38 Road to A-Players

07:09 Why join a group program?

09:30 Why create a group program?

12:12 90-day goal

15:51 Pricing & framework

21:25 Launching

25:14 Responding to hesitation

29:34 Selling a brand-new program

33:37 Mindset & goals

38:30 How it’s going

41:15 Support

44:10 Final thoughts


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