Episode #29: Business Partnerships

Jul 18, 2019

When you think about your business, you can easily identify the tasks that keep it running like a well-oiled machine.  I would also bet that you can identify which of these tasks you know you’ll procrastinate doing because they just aren’t your thing.

That’s okay.  I get it, sometimes those tasks take the joy out of business ownership.  This episode is a conversation with Meaghan and Alex from Toronto Family Doulas, and they don’t hold back about what it takes to be in a successful business partnership.  The good, the bad, and the ugly, they cover it all. 

Both women were used to doing things separately, and they cover what it was like to learn how to do things together, adapting to new processes and up-leveling their communication.  Each of them brought very different strengths to the business, and they had to identify a clear understanding of each and their long-term goals in order to make it work. 

They offer their advice to anyone considering entering into a business partnership.  Reasons why they each needed a partner in order to make each of their business’ whole and how it has grown both the business and themselves in the process. 

What qualities to look for in a potential business partner, they cover a list of conversations that should be had before entering an agreement.  Such as expectations for what each individual will contribute, personal short and long-term goals, and where each sees the business going.  These are all factors in setting the partnership up for success.  

Their journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing.  They identify how their partnership is much like a marriage. There have been times when they haven’t been too happy with each other.  Communication in these cases has been key, and the end result has helped them set up boundaries and come out of these situations stronger than ever. 

Meaghan and Alex have clearly defined their roles within the business.  Each has a feeling of trust and calm knowing the other is doing their part.  There is camaraderie in their offices, they bounce ideas off each other regularly and have become friends through their business.  

Toronto Family Doulas

Meaghan Grant
Alexandra Weinburger


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