Episode #286: Creating a Life you are Proud of with Melanie Ziltener

Mar 14, 2024

Many female entrepreneurs find themselves in constant hustle mode — doing too many things, wearing every hat, accepting work that doesn’t light us up, and serving too many people who we don't love. We left our 9-5s because we wanted more freedom and control… but we often wind up back on that same hamster wheel, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

Our businesses shouldn’t just pay our bills. They should support us in the life we want to have!

In this episode of The Business of Thinking Big, I’m joined by Melanie Ziltenere, the founder and Chief Word Nerd of Tripod Copy, to explore what it means to operate in hustle mode — and how to move out of it! During this conversation, we discuss how to choose your niche and started saying NO to work that isn’t in alignment, and the wild transformations Mel experienced while building her own business!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • The a-ha! moment that led Mel to niche down, and how she worked through her insecurities and fear around letting go of bad-fit clients
  • How to build confidence and momentum when serving from your zone of genius
  • Why good copywriting requires forgetting most of what you learned in English class


Guest bio: Mel Ziltener is the Chief Word Nerd at Tripod Copy and loves writing killer content to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs engage and connect with their audience. When she's not translating her clients' magic into words, she's likely deep in an epic dance battle with her young son.



00:32 Meet Melanie Ziltener

01:40 Early days of Tripod Copy

04:42 Fear & niching down

05:49 Choosing her niche

08:58 Creating the confidence to serve

11:33 “Have I made it?”

12:56 When to say no

15:27 Early stages of success

16:53 Power of relationships

18:29 Coaching & A-Players

21:45 Internal shifts & financial success

25:13 Types of success

29:39 What’s next?

30:43 Final tips & conclusion


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