Episode #272: Confidence and Consistency with Lynn Harrison

Dec 07, 2023

Women entrepreneurs often struggle with a lack of confidence — especially as new business owners. Stepping into a new identity as a business owner can trigger imposter syndrome or leave you worried that others may judge you. While it’s only human to feel a little unsure when jumping into a new endeavour, a serious and ongoing lack of confidence may kill your spirit… and eventually your business. If you often find yourself wondering, “Who am I to think I can actually DO this?”, then this episode of The Business of Thinking Big is for you!

My guest Lynn Harrison is the founder of Lessons With Lynn. As a High Performance Coach and yoga instructor, Lynn helps her clients get clear on what they want in life and live it with more meaning, energy, and joy. In this episode of The Business of Thinking Big, Lynn and I explore the early challenges that Lynn faced and conquered while building her business — from learning how to embrace her identity as a business owner to letting go of social media expectations and finding a content strategy that truly works for her.

Tune in as we explore the steps she took to build her online presence, how she discovered the type of content that she feels genuinely GOOD about sharing, and how she remains aligned and authentic on her socials. You will not want to miss out on Lynn’s golden nuggets of wisdom!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • The amazing power of claiming your business (and your genius!) out loud
  • The turning point that helped Lynn become more comfortable and confident being visible online
  • The positive effects of joining a thriving community of likeminded business owners!


Guest bio: Lynn Harrison dropped out of a successful 15+ year corporate career 8 years ago and became a Certified High Performance Coach and yoga/functional movement instructor. She is also the founder of Bells and Whistles, an employee/member perks program.



00:31 Meet Lynn Harrison

05:56 Identity shifts

09:10 Overcoming identity struggles

12:50 “Normalizing” & social media

15:53 Getting confident being visible online

17:40 Share your mission your way

19:25 Giving value

22:55 Consistency

28:04 100 class goal-setting

30:43 A-Players

34:22 Revenue wins

37:37 A-Player relationships

39:45 Final takeaway


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