Episode #269: Becoming a 6-Figure Coach with Leah Davidson

Nov 16, 2023

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur with several major strengths or interests, you may believe that you need to limit yourself to a single passion in order to be successful. While it’s important to find — and own! — your niche, the reality is that you don’t necessarily need to limit yourself in order to build a six- (or even seven-) figure business!

My guest for this episode of The Business of Thinking Big not only does absolutely fascinating work, she has managed to find incredible success in a unique niche. As the founder and CEO of Leah Davidson Life Coaching, Leah Davidson has grown a six-figure business teaching individuals how to regulate their nervous system and resolve and prevent burnout, stress, and compassion fatigue, with a strong focus on teaching coaches and other helping professionals how to integrate this nervous system work with their own clients. She’s also a Speech Language Pathologist who specializes in traumatic brain injury.

In this episode of The Business of Thinking Big, Leah and I explore the evolution of her business, her entrepreneurial journey, and her biggest wins and a-ha moments!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • How Leah discovered her niche as a multi-passionate entrepreneur
  • The mindset shift that helped Leah move from the helping profession to entrepreneurship
  • What Leah learned during her time in my A-Players group coaching program — and how it has changed her business!


Guest bio: Leah Davidson is a Certified Life Coach, Professional Resilience Coach, and Consultant. She is also a Speech Language Pathologist and has spent over two decades working in the area of Traumatic Brain Injury. She is certified in Pain Reprocessing Therapy, EFT, and breathwork. As the host of the Building Resilience Podcast and the creator of the Advanced Training for Nervous System Resilience, Leah focuses on helping people learn to befriend their nervous system, manage their mindset, and cultivate resilience.



00:33 Meet Leah Davidson

02:13 How Leah got started

05:20 Choosing your niche

08:16 Leah’s a-ha moment

11:20 Joining A-Players

15:02 Embracing your inner entrepreneur

19:12 Stories we tell ourselves

23:33 Big wins

25:48 Podcasting

30:54 Biggest wins

34:23 Growing a six-figure business

40:15 A-Players nuggets

43:55 What’s next?


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