Episode #268: Business Lessons from Taylor Swift

Nov 09, 2023

I think it’s important to keep an open mind and look in some unconventional places for business insights and inspiration at times — and right now there is no better place to look than at Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift not only an incredibly talented singer-songwriter, she’s also a seasoned and savvy entrepreneur who is changing the landscape for multiple industries and reinvigorating local economies at every stop of her international, record-smashing Eras tour!

With the release of her similarly record-breaking Eras concert film, Taylor may have a hand in permanently changing the way that the movie theatre industry works. Through producing the film herself and signing distribution deals directly with theatres, she’s been able to shake off studio involvement entirely and secure a larger percentage of the ticket revenue — and this is just the latest in a long series of brilliant business decisions throughout her career.

In this episode of The Business of Thinking Big, I share the top ten business lessons that we can learn from Taylor Swift. Whether or not you like her music, this woman is a fearless business genius, and this episode is packed with golden nuggets that you won’t want to miss!

Listen now to discover:‌

  • How to confidently own and profit from your personal brand
  • How to keep your customers on their toes, intrigued, and eager for more of your content
  • How to make an experience completely about the customer — and create loyal, raving, and engaged fans!



00:33 Intro

03:02 Eras film

04:58 ‘ME!’: own your brand

08:03 ‘Enchanted’: elevate the customer experience

10:25 ‘Speak Now’: always be creating

13:34 ‘Style’: think about your visuals

15:11 ‘Karma’: lead with kindness

18:34 ‘Love Story’: create a movement

23:28 ‘This Is Me Trying’: raise your standards

27:16 ‘I Can See You’: embrace diversity

30:26 ‘Mastermind’: plan ahead

33:22 ‘Bejeweled’: have more fun!


Links mentioned:

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

Miss Americana


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