Episode #262: What I would do Differently

Sep 28, 2023

This episode of The Business of Thinking Big was inspired by a thought-provoking conversation I had during a strategy call with a member of the Mamas & Co. community. During this call, Courtney Martin, founder of the amazing mamapreneur-focused Quadrant Bookkeeping, asked me:

“If you were to look back on your first year of business, what would you do (or what would you do differently) now that you’ve had all this experience?”

That’s a GREAT question!

Over the last decade of my entrepreneurial journey (including the six years since quitting my day job), I’ve learned a lot… and much of what I’ve learned could have helped me to build my business far more quickly, joyfully, and easefully during those early years. This is why I love coaching — I love sharing my hard-won knowledge in order to help other women entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls, understand their best next steps, access the resources they need, and make the powerful mindset shifts that will allow them to grow and scale their businesses with more confidence!

In this episode, I share the top five things that I would DEFINITELY do differently if I were able to redo the first few years of building my business, knowing what I know now. Whether you’re in your first year of business or your fifth, you’ll find some valuable golden nuggets in this episode!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • The biggest mistake I made when it came to my marketing — and what YOU should be prioritizing
  • Why I wasn’t taking full advantage of the social media tools available (and how to maximize your own impact today!)
  • How to find the right balance when it comes to paying yourself and investing back into your business



00:32 Intro

02:50 Prioritizing marketing

05:35 Maximizing benefits of social media

09:17 Trust your gut

12:09 Hiring help

16:47 Fear of not being liked

21:49 Conclusion


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