Episode #26: From Doubt to Confidence

Jun 27, 2019

You asked, I'm delivering. When I polled my audience recently about which topics this podcast should cover in the months to come, many of you said you wanted to work on mindset and confidence. This is a personal and important topic to me, and one that I work on almost daily. The value of understanding your own mindset and knowing how to use it to your advantage can make all the difference in growing your business.  

I decided to break this episode down into three parts, self-doubt, confidence, and moving forward with a confident mindset. By breaking down these elements into smaller chunks, we can see the big picture without feeling intimidated. This means the process of moving from self-doubt to confidence is much easier to accomplish. 

Part One: Defining Self-Doubt 

1) I ask you how you define self-doubt, and how it shows up for you in daily life. Then, I share several examples from REAL women in my community who were bold enough to share their very personal negative self-talk stories (a.k.a. their inner critics). I am so grateful for their willingness to share their truths because I want you to see that if you ever feel this way, you are not alone!  

I also give you an activity that you can do to get clear on what your thoughts are right now. Later we look at how we can start to reprogram these thoughts. The biggest thing to note: All thoughts are a choice, including thoughts that result in a feeling of doubt, and thoughts that result in feeling confident. 

Part Two: Defining Confidence 

2) Who will you be at your most confident self and how does that person feel? I share a visualization exercise that will help you to understand what confidence is for you. Clarity on this vision of yourself is the first step in knowing how to get there.  

Part Three: Moving from Self-Doubt to Confidence 

3) I share a few strategies that you can implement right away (many on a daily basis) so you can address and reprogram negative, doubtful thoughts and begin taking positive actions that will result in more self-confidence. You will start building momentum, moving towards the confident vision of yourself we outline in part two.  

Links mentioned in this episode: 

I refer to a "Thought Download" exercise from Brooke Castillo of thelifecoachschool.com 

I refer Marie Forleo's new book title everythingisfigureoutable.com 

This is the award I applied for: https://www.womenofinfluence.ca/rbc-cwea/ 


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