Episode #259: Levelling-Up your Mind & Business with Jaime Gennaro

Sep 07, 2023

Sometimes the business that you’ve built is no longer the business that you want to run — and in order to regain your passion, drive, and joy, you may need to make some changes. This could look like updating your ideal client avatar, retooling your offers, or shifting to an entirely new business model… or it might just mean recognizing the ways in which you’re already closer to your dream business than you may think!

My amazing guest Jaime Gennaro is a business coach and consultant who is on a mission to take the pain away from entrepreneurship and business ownership! Jaime teaches her clients the tactics that help them connect to their own unique way of running their business and lead their teams with joy, rather than just following the crowd and relying on a one-size-fits-all approach.

When I met Jaime, she was already running a VERY successful business, but she didn’t feel that it allowed her to truly work in her zone of genius, use her strongest skill set, or experience the thrill of a challenge. During this conversation, Jaime and I discuss her business transformation, how she shifted from playing small to thinking BIGGER, and the small changes she made that allowed her to not only serve her dream clients effectively, but to continue to stretch outside of her comfort zone and feel challenged and fulfilled!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • What happened when Jaime turned off her sales funnel — and how she gently guided prospects onto her new path!
  • How to infuse your work days with more confidence and joy (even when you dislike sales calls!)
  • Jaime’s biggest wins and transformations from the last six months


Guest bio: Jaime Gennaro is a business growth consultant, executive coach, and host of the Business for Humans podcast. She helps CEOs and their teams elevate to new heights through mindset work, clear tactics, and a recalibration of their purpose and passion.



00:34 Meet Jaime Gennaro

02:23 Playing small

06:04 Reaching her crossroads

09:04 Overcoming hurdles

12:43 Outdated beliefs

17:31 Turning off the funnel

19:23 Transitioning

23:15 Reframing & detaching

28:02 Knowing she was on the right path

31:59 Levelling up story

35:32 Building for long-term success

38:53 Biggest wins

42:18 Final takeaway


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