Episode #256: Scaling with Group Coaching with Kaely Harrod

Aug 24, 2023

Have you ever considered adding coaching to your offers… but weren’t sure how to get started or whether your dream clients really want your expertise? If so, then you won’t want to miss this episode of The Business of Thinking Big!

My guest Kaely Harrod is a doula, educator, coach, and host of the Doula Tips and Tits podcast. Through her doula business, she ensures that families are educated to meet their desired goals for their births to the best of their ability (while also leaving space for the unknowns)! More recently, Kaely has begun to offer coaching to other doulas, and actually revamped her entire podcast to cater to this new market!

In this episode, Kaely and I discuss how she “accidentally” became a six-figure business, the finer points of successfully layering an entirely new business model into an existing business, and how being an A Player has helped her build a thriving and joyful business — one that has allowed her change some of the outdated narratives in and around her industry!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • The surprising social media experiment that convinced her to shift her podcast to a new audience
  • How she pushed through her doubts to implement a new revenue stream into her business — and her brilliant win/win approach to market research!
  • An overview of the launch strategy she used to give her coaching business a strong start

Guest bio: Kaely has supported hundreds of families in the perinatal space for over 12 years. She now has a thriving doula business supporting and educating families and coaching doulas. She is passionate about equity and education in the birth space and is further those by providing coaching for newer doulas who are just branching into this field. She is also a podcast host of the popular Doula Tips and Tits podcast!



00:33 Meet Kaely Harrod

02:08 Where she started

05:05 Burnout & boundaries

07:02 Sustainable vision

08:46 Six-figure story

11:02 Expanding into coaching

14:00 Researching her new revenue stream

17:24 Launching with a webinar

21:29 Strategy calls

25:45 Juicy wins

31:11 3 wins from her 90-day journey

35:09 Final takeaway


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