Episode #245: Mindset Mondays: Further than you Think

Jul 17, 2023

One thing that I’ve noticed during my many years of coaching high-achieving, brilliant, and ambitious women is that we have a tendency to be VERY hard on ourselves. Having big goals and aspirations is wonderful, but we can wind up feeling disappointed and being overly critical of ourselves when things don’t go according to plan or happen on our desired or expected schedule. You’re not going to grow a successful, thriving, and joyful business when you’re focused on being hard on yourself! This is a long journey, not a quick sprint, and you need to show yourself grace and celebrate the wins that you’ve already achieved.

In this Mindset Monday mini-episode, I share why you must remember that you are further ahead than you think you are — and how focusing on your success can help to multiply it!

Listen now to learn:‌ ‌

  • The importance of cultivating trust in yourself and in your ability to reach your goals
  • Why the feeling of “don’t have” can create a block that prevents you from achieving future success
  • How the obstacles you’ve faced on your journey can help you build stronger connections with your audience

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