Episode #239: Thriving through Major Setbacks with Brenda Brix

Jun 22, 2023

If entrepreneurs have learned anything during the last few years, it’s the importance of being able to adapt to new circumstances — but when EVERYTHING seems to be changing at once, you may need to tap into strength you didn’t know you had. In this episode of The Business of Thinking Big, I talk to Brenda Brix, an award-winning designer and the founder of AMR Interior Design in Edmonton.

While still reeling from the pandemic’s effects on her business and finding herself in the difficult position of needing to let team members go, Brenda discovered a lump in her breast and had to endure the challenging process of treating her cancer. In order to keep her business going while honouring her own needs and the needs of her family and team, Brenda needed to take a step back… and figure out how she could work smarter, not harder.

During this conversation, we dive deeply into her experience of receiving her cancer diagnosis, how she reframed her idea of what it means to be a CEO, and the benefits of having a second-in-command.

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • How Brenda dealt with discovering the lump, and how she kept her business running successfully
  • The incredible breakthroughs that are now shaping the way that she approaches her business and life
  • The savvy strategies and practices that are helping her to thrive and pursue her dream vision

Guest bio: Brenda Brix is the Creative Director and owner of AMR Interior Design. Brenda excels at using process, structure, and technology to streamline everything. Now, with a thriving business and a dedicated team, she is passionate about supporting other Interior Design entrepreneurs in creating fulfilling and balanced businesses. Through Brenda Brix Consulting, she offers strategic planning and consulting services to Interior Designers who aspire to take charge of their business and forge a deliberate, wealth-centred path to success.



00:34 Meet Brenda Brix

02:13 Brenda’s journey

04:50 Post-Covid changes

06:06 Finding the lump & working smarter

10:02 After the diagnosis

13:25 Mindset, retreat & breakthroughs

17:35 Stepping into being CEO

19:57 Having a second-in-command

21:52 What helped her in her journey

26:59 Brenda Brix Consulting

31:21 Takeaways


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