Episode #237: Own your Story with Kelly Thompson

Jun 08, 2023

What does it REALLY mean to own your story online… and is it possible to build a strong connection with your audience if you aren’t in love with social media?

Kelly Thompson is an expert when it comes to crafting a compelling digital presence that is uniquely YOU (and doesn’t require you to show up on the timeline 6 times a day!). As a brilliant messaging and visibility coach, Kelly helps moms show up authentically, create higher-ticket offers, and sell them with more ease.

In this episode of The Business of Thinking Big, Kelly and I talk about social media fatigue, ill-advised Reels, and figuring out how to own your expertise and story. Tune in to learn how to hit your sweet spot between aspirational and relatable, and uplevel your social media presence in an aligned way!

Listen now to discover:‌ ‌

  • How to shift the way that you think about content creation and start giving your audience what they actually need from you!
  • What “owning your story” really looks like — and how “failure” should fit into your social strategy
  • The biggest visibility mistakes that entrepreneurs tend to make (and what to do instead!)

Guest bio: Kelly Thompson is a highly regarded marketing mentor who helps mid-life moms unchain from social media, master their message, and sell irresistible offers. She is the founder of Waymaker Nation, a widely acclaimed community created exclusively for female entrepreneurs. As the host of the highly celebrated Genius In You podcast, Kelly has built a dedicated following by featuring inspiring and transformative stories of moms who are achieving remarkable success in their businesses, offering valuable insights and advice to listeners around the world.



00:56 Meet Kelly Thompson

03:50 What to post?

05:40 Owning your story

09:14 Hitting a balance

12:50 Biggest visibility mistakes

14:38 Consequences of avoiding video

19:13 Owning your expertise

23:27 Tips for getting more comfortable

31:33 Final tips & conclusion


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