Episode #234: Playing Bigger in your Business

May 18, 2023

Once you’ve made it past the first year or two in your business, you may be feeling comfortable. You have loyal customers, you have steady revenue, and you’re confident that you’re delivering value and creating impact. But deep down, you may be feeling stuck, or stagnant, or wondering “what now?”. You may be starting to realize that you have a LOT more to offer.

It’s probably time that you start playing a bigger game in your business — even if you don’t quite feel ready for it!

Playing bigger means stepping outside of your comfort zone and making moves that can almost feel TOO big. It could look like starting a podcast, expanding into a new market, building out a new product line, revamping your offers, or changing your ideal client avatar. It can feel daunting, but making these bigger, scarier moves will help you see bigger returns, feel more aligned in your business, and make more of an impact for your customers and audience… and can even lead to unexpected opportunities further down the line.

In this episode of The Business of Thinking Big, I dig into what it really means to play bigger in your business, why it’s so important to take the plunge, and what can happen when you fully embrace this concept and make those next-level moves!

Listen now to discover:‌ ‌

  • What it looks like when you’re called to something higher than what you’re currently doing
  • Why we talk ourselves out of playing bigger — and how to override those fears
  • Why the secret to successfully playing bigger is to think big, but start small



00:34 Intro & listener spotlight

02:10 How to know when to play bigger

04:57 Why we’re drawn to playing smaller

07:51 When you’re really not ready

09:52 What playing bigger looks like

14:15 Choosing your best next action

17:30 Episode recommendation

19:13 Invest in support


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