Episode #232: Building a 6-Figure Empire with Fran Murray

May 04, 2023

Over the last few years, Fran Murray has been on a powerful journey… and she isn’t slowing down!

Fran is the CEO and founder of Fran Murray Co, a boutique gifting agency that helps mission-driven businesses nurture their key relationships while reducing the revenue gap that exists in the minority- and women-owned small business space. But before she launched Fran Murray Co, she turned her passion for baking into a brand called Chez Fran Desserts.

While this first business saw real growth, Fran felt overwhelmed and unfulfilled, and she struggled with finding her identity as an entrepreneur. Through her experience in my A-Players Rapid Impact Business Coaching, she became open to new ways of generating revenue and scaling her business — and shifted into a business model that fits her like a glove!

In this episode of The Business of Thinking Big, Fran shares the incredible insights and innovative strategies that have helped her build a sustainable, six-figure gift basket empire that is strongly aligned with her values.


You’ll discover::‌ ‌

  • The ‘A-ha!’ moment that helped Fran realize what WASN’T working in her business and discover her sweet spot
    How she leveraged her existing customer relationships to grow her new brand (and generated over $30k within four weeks!)
    Why Fran’s first strategic hire probably wasn’t what you would expect — and why it was the right choice for her business


Guest bio: Fran Murray is a baker, queen of flavour, and Food Network competitor. She wields her bougie baking skills and 20+ years of experience to spread love and encouragement through her artistry and her new Boxed 'n Bougie line of Luxury Trifles. Fran's made-from-scratch gourmet cakes and treats have adorned many print and online media sources, including Huffington Post, Wedding Chicks, and Bride & Groom Magazine..


Timestamps:‌ ‌

00:31 Meet Fran Murray

02:06 Starting her business

04:58 ‘A-ha!’ moment

07:38 From baked goods to gift baskets

10:22 Key lessons

13:03 Building an aligned business

18:27 First hire & outside-the-box strategies

24:31 Nurturing relationships & making a ruckus

30:39 Accelerated growth stages

34:19 Goals & setbacks

39:23 Mindset & celebrating wins

45:38 Coaching, talking about numbers & final advice


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