Episode #23: Defining your Personal Style with Trish Taylor

Jun 06, 2019

Your personal style (aka how you dress) is absolutely part of your brand, and that's why I knew I had to bring my friend and personal stylist Trish Taylor on the show. 

Trish helps women own their awesome, to feel comfortable in their bodies, which gives them the confidence to show up authentically. When you love what you are wearing, it affects how people view you as well. When you are happy and feel great, you will be more likely to attract your dream client! 

More and more we entrepreneurs have to show up online, on video, at events and it certainly helps to have a wardrobe that we feel great in.

To be our best selves, we need to look and feel our absolute best, but where do we start?

Being able to dress as the woman you want to be is like having a daily high five.  Trish talks about learning to dress intuitively and develop our own sense of personal style. She shares what a "Batch Wardrobe" is and how we can use one. I also share some insights I gleaned for prepping for my own personal brand photo shoot, something Trish helps tons of women with.

Trish shares her top 3 tips for Dressing for Success at it were, and they're NOT what you might think. In fact, Trish's suggestions are more about confidence and loving ourselves than they are about this year's fashion colours and what accessories to wear on camera.

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