Episode #228: Finish Line Mindset

Apr 06, 2023

As entrepreneurs, we often experience situations where our expectations don’t quite match our results. Whether it’s a masterclass that doesn’t sell out, a dream client that decides against working with us, a speaking invitation that isn’t extended, or a launch that just seems to fizzle out, these situations can feel emotionally painful. We can wind up feeling as though they are the result of who we are as people, rather than the decisions that we make as business owners — or even external situations that have nothing to do with us!

When we feel that we’re not “good enough” to succeed, that mindset will affect the actions that we take in the future, and it can stop us from making the bold moves that will help us to grow.

While entrepreneurship offers some really incredible and fulfilling highs, disappointment is an inevitable part of the journey… and we need to be prepared. When we’re able to detach ourselves emotionally from our results, release the need to control our outcomes, and stop comparing ourselves to others, that’s when true entrepreneurship begins!

In this episode, you’ll learn what can happen when you stop associating your business results with your self worth, the difference between moving through a challenge and pushing through a challenge, and why I always honour my calendar (even when it may not seem worth my time to do so).

Listen now to discover:‌ ‌

  • Why patience is a virtue when it comes to online launches, masterclasses, and webinars
  • Why entrepreneurship actually requires you to soften yourself, rather than toughen up
  • How to cultivate the skill of “crossing the finish line” during your launches — and why consistency is SO important



00:33 Intro

02:16 Entrepreneurship & emotions

04:25 Why you should wait to cancel

06:09 Show up & serve

06:59 Different types of people act differently

08:19 Moving through v. pushing through

11:17 Release the need to control

12:25 Why aren’t people signing up?

13:56 The finish line

19:22 Live workshop story

23:04 Conclusion


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