Episode #215: Goal Setting & Goal Getting

Jan 05, 2023

As we enjoy the first days of the new year, many of us are in planning mode, setting bold new goals for our businesses and planning out our roadmaps for achieving them. Taking strategic action is absolutely crucial if you want to turn your goals into reality and hit your most exciting milestones, but figuring out your best next steps can feel daunting.

In this week’s episode of The Business of Thinking Big, I’m joined by three incredible A-Players who are revealing their biggest wins and challenges along the way to reaching their 90-day goals — and diving deep into the steps they took to make it all happen!

From overcoming tricky mindset obstacles to breathing new life into a struggling business, these amazing stories will inspire you to push forward toward your own goals… and I’ll be right here, cheering you on!


In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • How the A-Players narrowed down their 90-day goals — and why so many women resist investing in themselves 
  • Practical tips and strategies for sustaining focus as you work through the biggest items on your To-Do list  
  • How Andrea Mourad set the strategic goals that helped her revitalize a folding vegan skincare company (without a business background!)



00:32  Intro

03:35  Sarah’s 90-day goals

06:02  Andrea’s takeover

08:58  Jessica’s offer clarity

11:08  Investing in yourself

15:25  Mindset obstacles

18:39  Timing, focus & imposter syndrome

23:02  The F word: focus

26:15  Jessica’s step-by-step actions

30:22  Andrea’s step-by-step actions

32:37  Sarah’s step-by-step actions

35:35  Andrea’s revenue goal

38:57  Jessica’s client goal

43:19  Final tips

47:31  Conclusion


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Orora Skin

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Jessica Callery

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The Phoenix Canine Initiative

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A-Players Rapid Impact Business Coaching Experience


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