Episode #187: Overcoming Fear of Failure with Stephanie Muskat

Jun 23, 2022

Does a fear of failure hold you back from taking big, bold steps in your business — or from launching altogether? You’re not alone! As entrepreneurs, we feel pressure from ALL sides. We want to impress not only our customers, but our fellow entrepreneurs, friends, and family. An offer falling flat can make us feel as though we’ve lost credibility in the eyes of our audience, which can lower our confidence… and even make us start to think about giving up.


If you want to achieve the success that you deserve, you need to be able to work through that fear… and come out the other side stronger than before!


My guest Stephanie Muskat is the founder of the mental health community Compassion in Caregiving. When Stephanie launched her first group program, she got the response that no entrepreneur wants to get… crickets. Stephanie could have let this kill her confidence. Instead, she sat back and followed my #1 piece of advice when it comes to fear of failure — and wound up feeling even better about her business than before her launch!


Listen now to discover:‌ ‌

  • Where our deepest fears of failures stem from and why women in particular are so strongly affected
  • My #1 tip for preventing your launch from becoming a source of overwhelming worry
  • The silver lining that hides inside our failures — and how to use it to become a better business owner


Guest bio: Stephanie Muskat is a registered social worker with over 10 years working in the mental health field as both a researcher and acute care social worker. After working with countless caregivers experiencing significant emotional stress and burden, and having acted as a primary caregiver herself to both her mother and grandmother, Stephanie founded Compassion in Caregiving to bridge the gaps caregivers often face in our healthcare system.


Timestamps:‌ ‌

00:36  Intro

01:24  Meet Stephanie Muskat

06:17  The sandwich generation

08:01  Why do we fear failure?

 10:44  Fear of putting ourselves out there

 13:40  Stephanie’s group program launch

 18:21  How Stephanie worked through fear

 21:19  Sit back and let it happen

25:55  Personal growth

30:50  Blame game & the turning point

34:00  Failure doesn’t define you

38:09  Stepping away

42:35  Inner work & what’s next for Stephanie


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