Episode #171: How To Be An Effective Leader with Kris Plachy

Mar 03, 2022

Being an entrepreneur means you get to enjoy a flexible lifestyle, do what you love, and reap tremendous rewards at the same time. However, there’s also a tremendous amount of stress that comes with having to make tough decisions that can have huge implications on someone else’s life. Hiring, firing, giving negative feedback - that’s all a part of the job too, whether we enjoy it or not. As female entrepreneurs, it can be especially difficult to have these kinds of conversations, and we often struggle to be effective communicators during them. If you want to learn how to make the best decisions for your business, and communicate your decisions firmly and effectively, this episode is one you will find valuable. Kris shows us how to move through the discomfort and shares practical strategies that will help all of us become an effective leader.

Tune in for the full conversation!

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Kris’s website: https://krisplachy.com/
Kris’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krisplachycoach/


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