Episode #169: Step-by-step success with Tiana Fech

Feb 17, 2022

Meet Tiana Fech, a course consultant and podcast host that has seen success snow-ball in her business. We think success happens overnight, but Tiana proves the power of taking small intentional actions over time. She proves that slow growth can be powerful and there's no need to rush it.

In this episode she reflects on all the amazing things that’s happened in her life lately, and how she was able to grow her network and get connected to different people that support her business needs. She also talks about intentionally making the difficult choice between an amazing full-time job offer and focusing on her own business.

If you are someone who is just starting out on the business journey, perhaps you’ve only just got an idea, you’ll want to get connected with other entrepreneurs because that just might be the spark you need to help you build out your ideas! Tiana’s personal story is a good example of how you can gain momentum step-by-step, with the help of people around you. She’s a prime example of how opening your mind to new adventures, even before you’re ready, can lead you to new opportunities and ultimately help you achieve your goals.

This episode is for you if:

  • You want some ideas on leveraging your podcast to catapult your business
    If you are thinking of starting a podcast, but not sure what the benefits would be
  • You are interested in learning the benefits of joining a group coaching program
  • Want to know how to best leverage your business community and get the support you need from other people
  • You are curious HOW a coaching program can help you get the mental clarity, focus, and structure you need to help you grow your business

Links mentioned:

University of Calgary
Jennifer Kapedani
Love Powered Co
Tiana's podcast, The Part Time Jungle
Tiana’s new consulting site

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