Episode #164: Mompreneur Hacks

Jan 13, 2022

We usually talk more about the business side of being a “mompreneur” here in The Business of Thinking Big, but today I want to focus on the mom side of things. Being a mompreneur presents unique challenges, as we often feel like we have to “do it all”. Today I share my hacks on how I get more done while juggling both business and motherhood. You'll notice I talk a lot about the power of routine in our household and how I rely on the help of my partner to live the life we want.

This is not about getting it all perfect, this is about helping you achieve your own version of success and these tips will help you do that.

We do NOT need to choose between being a good mom and a good entrepreneur, but we have to embrace "good enough-ism".

This highly unique episode will make you smile because I’m cooking AS I’m recording this episode! Something I’ve never done before, but thought I’d try because this is what being a mompreneur is all about - multitasking! Note: cooking sounds may make you feel hungry, so prepare some snacks to munch before you play this episode ;)

Some of my mompreneur hacks:

  1. Keep your meals simple, and don’t try to constantly reinvent the wheel. I have 10 key meals, and cycle through them every week. My family hasn’t complained about this yet, and it saves me a lot of time.
  2. Cooking may be a stressful venture for most of you mamas listening in on this, and I totally understand why. If I had to make new meals every single day of the week, I would definitely be overwhelmed. That’s why I don’t. I only cook 4 days of the week, and my husband takes over on the weekends. Since my meals are relatively simple, it doesn’t take me too long, and I actually feel like it’s quite therapeutic!
  3. Take time to plan ahead. Sundays are my planning days. Planning for meals ahead, planning my “date nights”, and any other key events in the coming week.

Be sure to tune in for my full list of Mompreneur Hacks!

If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to tag me at @liannekimcoach on Instagram with a photo (perhaps of YOU multitasking successfully?).


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