Episode #159: Biggest Boss Moves

Dec 09, 2021

Taking “Boss Moves” means taking BIG, BOLD action that will really help you move the needle in your business. Throughout this past year, I made some BIG “boss moves” and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Stay tuned until the end because I’m going to help you identify the areas YOU can start making bigger boss moves.

Thinking back to when I wrote my book at the end of last year, I had to make a million decisions and I had to make my first big “boss” decisions in order to avoid decision fatigue. The next “big boss move” of this year was hiring on an OBM (Online Business Manager) and a full-time Marketing Manager.

In this episode, I’ll be sharing with you all the ways that these big decisions not only helped my business grow but also allowed me to stay in my zone of genius, and do more of what I LOVE and that lights me up (something you know I always strive for)!

I know it’s scary to take these leaps of faith, mama. Trust me, I’ve been through that fear. But I am here to talk to you about the amazing things that can come from stepping above that fear, and the greater things you can accomplish when you are willing to put on your “big girl pants”!

Tag me on Instagram @liannekimcoach and use the hashtag #bossmove2021. I want to see what boss moves YOU are taking to get to that next level!


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