Episode #158: Protect Your Business with Shayna Beeksma

Dec 02, 2021

Today I’ve invited one of our valued Mama Mentors, Shayna Beeksma, award-winning lawyer and founder of Beeksma Law. Today we will be talking about a very important topic: how to protect you and your business when it comes to legal contracts.

Shayna has worked with countless small businesses, and she also knows the struggles mompreneurs face, being a mom of 3 herself. She reminds us that it’s just as important to take care of our “business baby” as it is to take care of our family. As women and mothers in business, we may be more vulnerable to legal challenges, so it’s important to educate ourselves first and take the necessary precautions to prevent problems in the future. Today’s podcast will go over:

  • The 3 top legal agreements small business owners need to have in place and why
  • What kind of employment contract you need, and what you need to include in the contract in order to protect yourself and your business after your employee leaves
  • What terms you need to include in your contract with your clients
  • What contracts you need to protect your family if something happens to you
  • How to find a good business lawyer who knows their stuff and can protect you well

We’re also going to hear about her experience with running a business, what she’s learned, and how she has successfully scaled her business.

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Learn more about Shayna:
IG and FB: @BeeksmaLaw
Website: www.Beeksmalaw.ca (to book a call for an initial consultation)


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