Episode #156: What it really takes to Launch

Nov 18, 2021

Today I’ve invited a few of our A-Players, inspiring women who are in the midst of launching their group programs with the goal of scaling their businesses. Who have:

  • Tara Grotto, a parent educator, who has built a digital course to help parents take away some of the overwhelm of helping their kids build essential life skills.
  • Karen Choi, who’s launching a coaching program for moms to ditch the guilt and put yourself first for a change.
  • Melanie Ziltener, who’s launching a digital program to help business owners with their content and copywriting.

We talk through the different ways my A-Players group coaching program has helped them with launching their respective programs, including:

  • The different mental roadblocks that they had to overcome before they were able to build their programs.
  • What they learned about their customers
  • How to re-define their messaging so that it reaches their dream clients
  • How my program contributes to the “bigger picture” of their business, and helping them build the lifestyle they want

Make sure you stay until the end, because my A-Players are going to share their top tips for business women who are launching a new program!

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