Episode #154: 1 Year of Growth with Meaghan Beames

Nov 05, 2021

Today we’ve invited one of our valuable A-Players and recently-turned Mama Mentor, Meaghan Beames, who is celebrating her one year anniversary working with me.

Meaghan is a craniosacral therapist who works with mothers and their children who struggle with various health symptoms including colic and reflux.

Meaghan started with Mamas & Co. back in February 2020, and struggled with a business loss and a pregnancy loss around the same time, as the world descended into the pandemic. Her losses were devastating to her, but she bounced back.

In today’s episode, she shares with us her remarkable transition and how:

  • Mamas & Co. became her safety net during those tough times
  • She achieved her FIRST hire with the help of our 90 day A-Players coaching program, a move that propelled her business into the next step.
  • She got over her “imposter syndrome” to step into thought leadership
  • She gained confidence in her own skills, and realized the value she provides in her niche

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Learn more about the A-Players (Rapid Impact) Program and book your enrolment call

Contact Meaghan:
Instagram: @beamescst
Facebook: Beamescst
Website: Beames CST


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