Episode #148: Purpose-Driven Possibilities

Sep 23, 2021
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Today I’m joined by Amy McLaren, mother of two, philanthropist and entrepreneur (founder of Village Impact and Lady Strength), and author.

Village Impact is a Canadian charity which is focused on building schools for children in Africa.

For those of you who are interested in starting a charity or a similar business, this podcast will be an interesting story, as Amy shares:

  • Where she started
  • How she started and grew her charitable venture
  • How she narrowed down her “core” message
  • What were some of the roadblocks she encountered along the way
  • Her tips of how she balances her businesses with family as a mompreneur
  • How it’s like living with another entrepreneur in the house
  • Her parenting tips on financial education with her kids
  • Why she wrote her book, and what it’s all about

Links Mentioned in this Episode:


Coupon code: POD20 20% off for MamaCon

Village Impact Website: Village Impact
Lady Strength Website: Lady Strength
Amy’s book: Passion to Purpose Amy Mclaren
Amy’s Instagram: @amydowmclaren


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