Episode #145: Social Media Strategies That Work For Me

Aug 31, 2021

Have you been burning yourself out, trying to create new content for your social media day-in, day-out? Are you feeling like you simply don’t have the time or resources (or knowledge) to create an effective social media strategy? How do you even know if your social media strategy is actually working?

I have collected some interesting insights over my 6+ years of running my own social media, and getting support from digital marketing professionals on my business. I have learned how to create a sustainable social media strategy that doesn’t involve me having to constantly churn out new content, and I’m going to share my tips and tricks on how YOU can too!

In today’s episode, I’m going to go over:

  • How to tell if your social media strategy is working
  • Why you don’t need to constantly create new content
  • How to leverage video in your social media strategy
  • How to use the “80/20” rule in your social media strategy
  • ...and MUCH more!

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

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Lianne Kim Instagram: @liannekimcoach
Mamas & Co. LinkedIn: Mamas & Co.
Lianne Kim Pinterest: @liannekimcoach

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