Episode #142: Goodbye Overwhelm, Hello Focus

Aug 12, 2021

Today we sit with four of our amazing A-Players: Jane, Fran, Alex, and Victoria, as they share with us their authentic personal journeys with overwhelm (and how they learned to deal with it). These women are kick-ass mamapreneurs, but they also had their fair share of struggle in the early days. It’s no exaggeration to say that juggling motherhood with business (and personal life) is a tough act. Especially if you don’t have someone (or many someones, like the ladies in this community) to help you navigate all those challenges!


These women were lost and overwhelmed when they came to my A-Players program the first time. Through our 90-day program, I showed them how to work through all the overwhelm step-by-step, helping them focus in on the goals that really matter, and break through the clutter.


Today's Podcast Guests: 

Alex Leech is a certified coach & a mom of 2 high functioning autistic kids ; she understands firsthand what it's like to juggle personal needs & those of family. Alex helps moms go from feeling frustrated & overwhelmed to feeling supported & confident while parenting kids on the spectrum! 

Jane Pilskalnietis is an Outdoor Play Specialist who believes that children learn best when given the opportunity to play freely with their whole body and mind. She is passionate about creating opportunities for rich and diverse play and coaching others to support children’s learning and development through play.

Fran Murray is a baker, queen of flavour and foodnetwork competitor. She wields her bougie baking skills and 20 plus years experience to spread love and encouragement through her artistry and her new Boxed 'n Bougie line of Luxury Trifles. Fran's made-from-scratch gourmet cakes and treats have adorned many print and online media sources including Huffington Post, Wedding Chicks and Bride & Groom Magazine.

Victoria Schwarzl runs After All Photography, which offers lifestyle, portrait & commercial photography services, specializing in telling the stories of all types of families made with love and the LGBTQ+ community, animal portrait photography showcasing deep animal human bonds and commercial branding, for small businesses and female entrepreneurs. She shoots across the GTA, Halton, Hamilton and Muskoka. 



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