Episode #138: Raising Your Earning Potential with Miriam Schulman

Jul 15, 2021

Today’s podcast is a recording from my A-Players session with a guest coach, Miriam Schulman, who’s an artist, business coach, mom AND podcast host.


Miriam shares how she transitioned from a finance background to doing what she loves – art – and how she made (more) money doing it!


We talk about how to find the right price to market your products/services at, and how you can break the “limits” you place on YOUR OWN earning potential!


Podcast quote: “Be careful of the stories we tell ourselves. Our brains perceive them as reasons (why it can’t work).“ – Miriam Schulman.


Links Mentioned in This Episode:


The Inspiration Place podcast, hosted by Miriam Schulman
Episode #145: Decision Drama 


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